Most people with hair loss look for solutions from Western medicine or turn to remedies from local traditions. However, some experts say the Ayurvedic medicine system has a lot to offer in the treatment of hair loss.

Ayurveda is the traditional medicine system in India and Sri Lanka. It is a holistic approach to health care that focuses on lifestyle rather than casual treatment. As a holistic medical system, Ayurveda focuses on our unique character, taking into account our mental attitude, our way of life and our mind, which should not be treated in isolation.

According to Ayurveda, the following principles are beneficial for healthy and rich hair:

The scalp should stay cool. Protection from the sun and washing with cold or lukewarm water are therefore of paramount importance.

A healthy diet is the key. Therefore, a hair-friendly diet should focus on protein, iron, zinc, sulfur, vitamin C, vitamin B complex and essential fatty acids.

Hair analysis should be used to determine the extent of toxicity and nutrient deficiency.

Oils such as sesame and coconut should be applied to the scalp to nourish, lubricate and strengthen the roots. It also improves the circulation of the head.

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