If you have male pattern hair loss, you may want to consider getting the best DHT blocker to help you. These formulas work by preventing the natural hormone di-hydro-testosterone from acting on the hair flaps and causing them to die. By blocking, you avoid further hair loss and you even have new scraps and possibly new hair.

Men have been suffering from hair loss for so long. Only at this time you have to be ashamed and hide. This has led to ridiculous combs, which are a pathetic attempt to hide the bald head combing existing hair on it. It’s usually something men do for themselves, because normally everyone can see that they are really bald. The best known example would be Donald Trump’s hair. Everyone can see that something is wrong, and he’s probably happy because he knows things that nobody knows he’s losing hair.

With the best DHT blockers, you can make a big difference in the speed at which you lose your hair. Ingredients containing these formulas prevent either DHT from adhering to the hair flap by acting as competing receptor blockers. This means that they connect exactly to the same receivers, but stronger and without the same effect. If there is no recipient for DHT, it has no effect. The other way to work these ingredients is to prevent the conversion of testosterone to di-hydro testosterone. These types of active ingredients are also used in formulas for the prostate.

The most commonly used natural herbs are saw palmetto and pumpkin seed oil. These have been used for years to prevent all types of health problems associated with male sex hormones and have proven to be very effective.

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